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Insurance Services

  Valuation Services

  • Online Quotes

    Jewellery Insurance Claims offers the most cutting edge quotation service. Upload quote requests online, send assignments to local jewellers, and have access to instant status updates.

    We offer jewellery industry training for new adjusters, provide auditing services, and allow insurance providers to easily track claim metrics. Our consultants are GIA or DCA trained and work closely with insurance companies to identify and reduce the number of fraudulent claims.

    Quotes are extremely competitive while ensuring that your insured is properly indemnified. No matter how large or complicated the loss, Jewellery Insurance Claims remains the most crucial tool for success.

  • Express Quotes

    We offer expedited quotation services for the most urgent claims. The insured is contacted immediately after an Express Quote is requested, and an appointment is scheduled. Jewellery Insurance Claims ensures that the requested quote will be made available as soon as possible for quick and accurate settlement.

  • 10 Quote Challenge

    The 10 Quote Challenge is an auditing service that allows insurance providers to get secondary quotes on recently settled jewellery losses. Jewellery Insurance Claims will review ten recent jewellery claims and quote for value on the stolen articles.

    Replacement quotes will be produced without knowledge of settlement amounts or previous quotes. Once posted, the ten quotes can be reviewed and insurance professionals can see the potential savings they can experience in future claims with Jewellery Insurance Claims.

  • Jewellery Appraisals

    Jewellery Insurance Claims can appraise any existing piece of jewellery accurately in order to reflect the replacement cost in today's market.

    While some jewellers will use an inflated appraisal as a sales ploy, JIC strives to provide the most accurate appraisals as possible to ensure that insurance providers understand their exposure better, and customers feel that they have been treated with respect in a truly transparent transaction.

    Each and every piece of jewellery that is replaced through JIC will come with an accurate appraisal which can be used by insurance companies, brokers, and customers for future policy changes and peace of mind.

  Replacement & Salvage

  • Jewellery Replacement Services

    Jewellery Insurance Claims' elite network of jewellers allows us to provide insureds with custom jewellery of the highest quality. Our vast network is able to service all of Canada using a consistent and uniform approach.

    Once replacement is complete, invoices can be accessed, reviewed, and saved from the Jewellery Insurance Claims website.

    Additionally, appraisals from replaced jewellery will be uploaded and available to assist brokers and underwriters with future policy consideration.

  • Salvage Solutions (Coming Soon)(Coming Soon)

    Jewellery Insurance Claims can identify salvage opportunities and assist adjusters in finding suitable bids for salvage items.

    We offer an online marketplace where salvage pieces can be reviewed and bid on by various jewellers within our network. All bids can be viewed by the adjuster who will be able to approve a suitable bid and collect the recovery. Having an efficient salvage system enables Jewellery Insurance Claims to futher reduce claims settlement costs for insurance companies by identifying and increasing salvage values.

  Carrier Support

  • Industry Training

    Jewellery Insurance Claims offers online training and resources for adjusters and other insurance professionals.

    We offer resources to help adjusters ask the right questions while taking statements, facts on jewellery, and other useful tips and pointers to help improve knowledge and increase efficiency in claims handling.

    Our training services are designed to equip insurance professionals with the tools required to understand the intricacies of jewellery which is paramount when taking detailed statements and identifying fraud. The best solution is prevention.

  • Reports & Statistics

    Adjusters, supervisors, and managers will have access to financial reports within the JIC website. This information is critical when tracking claims, analyzing financials, and reporting metrics.

  • Dispute Resolution Services

    In the event of a dispute, JIC is able to act as a representative during the dispute resolution process. One of our GIA or DCA certified staff members can provide any assistance required in order to reach a fair conclusion to the most difficult claims.